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Welcome to IDRAH! We our a non-profit that focuses on innovative development solutions for rural affordable housing.


Our mission is to bridge the gap in affordable housing supply across rural Oregon. With a focus on addressing longstanding shortages, we strive to pioneer innovative solutions to develop housing units that resonate with the unique affordability needs of our rural communities.

Why does such a significant shortage of affordable housing persist in rural areas? One contributing factor lies in the preference of Legacy Housing Developers for urban-centric solutions in rural communities. Their focus tends to prioritize solutions that serve their interests rather than the genuine needs of rural residents. These large scale projects often clash with the cultural fabric of rural communities, prolong development timelines, and inflate costs.

IDRAH’s strategy for Affordable Rural Housing, centers on leveraging existing infrastructure, engaging closely with rural communities to understand their development preferences, and employing Modular Commercial Manufacturing techniques to expedite construction timelines by up to 40% compared to traditional methods utilized by Legacy Housing Developers.