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At IDRAH, we're a tight-knit team dedicated to achieving remarkable results. Fueled by the pressing challenges confronting rural communities in accessing affordable housing, we're driven to excel. With housing affordability reaching unprecedented levels for US renters, our mission is clear: to set a high standard and effect immediate change in one of society's most daunting issues. We thrive on innovation and possess a fervent commitment to service, all with the aim of making a tangible, measurable difference. At IDRAH, we're not just about addressing problems; we're about delivering impactful solutions that transform lives and communities. ​

Board Members

Board Member | Cintia Vimieiro 

Bringing a rich and diverse perspective to IDRAH, Cintia hails originally from Brazil and has made Oregon her home since 2020. Currently serving as a Public Health Strategist at Oregon Health Authority, Cintia collaborates closely with rural community leaders across the state, leveraging her expertise to address critical health issues.

Cintia is an alumna of CSU Long Beach, holding a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education, and she furthered her academic journey with a Master’s Degree in Global Health from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, Cintia’s multilingual proficiency enhances her ability to engage with diverse communities and drive impactful change

Board Member | Director | Riley Fritsch

As the driving force behind IDRAH, Riley spearheads the organization’s strategic vision and operations. With a keen focus on identifying and implementing innovative solutions. Riley is dedicated to empowering underserved communities through accessible housing options. Drawing from a wealth of experience in the complete spectrum of real estate development, Riley is relentless in his pursuit of value creation and community service. Riley currently lives in Oregon but has also called Idaho, Washington, and Montana home. Riley’s commitment fuels his passion for effecting positive change and fostering sustainable growth within local communities throughout the Northwest.

Board Member | Ryan Lee

With over two decades of invaluable experience in Commercial Banking and Accounting, Ryan Lee is a seasoned professional in the realm of finance. Ryan is currently an SVP of Commercial Banking at First Interstate Bank. Serving as a dedicated volunteer Board Member for IDRAH, Ryan contributes a wealth of expertise and insight, particularly in the field of Real Estate. His extensive background encompasses proficiency across the entire spectrum of Real Estate Development processes, further enriching the board’s strategic vision and operational effectiveness.