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What We Do

We specialize in developing workforce and affordable rental housing tailored to rural communities. Our focus lies in creating smaller apartment-style complexes, typically comprising 20 units or fewer. At the core of our mission is ensuring that Priority Populations gain equitable access to these much-needed affordable housing options.


  • Collaborative Partnerships: We forge strong partnerships with local municipalities to deeply understand their unique housing needs, ensuring our developments are in sync with community requirements.
  • Strategic Development Approach: Our process begins with meticulous site selection, followed by a comprehensive feasibility study and the creation of a detailed development roadmap. This roadmap guides us from the initial property assessment to the completion of a fully functional multifamily building.
  • Innovative Funding Models: We leverage both public and private partnerships to develop sustainable funding models tailored to each project’s specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive Project Management: Our team handles every aspect of the development lifecycle, from concept to completion, in close collaboration with local authorities and stakeholders.



    • Unique Approach: Unlike conventional methods, we streamline the development lifecycle by focusing on infill lots or available plots with existing infrastructure. This minimizes complexities and maximizes efficiency.
    • Modular Construction Expertise: We employ cutting-edge modular commercial manufacturing techniques, enabling us to accelerate project timelines by up to 40% compared to traditional stick frame construction.
    • Predictable Cost Model: By embracing modular commercial manufacturing, we ensure a more predictable construction cost model, offering greater transparency and control throughout the development process.